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Lake George Fishing Guide

Lake George Fishing Guide

Lake George is nicknamed the “Queen of American Lakes”. The lake is perfect for fishing year round, with both warm and cold water fish found in Lake George’s 44 square miles. Lake George ranks among the top 5 locations in the New York for bass fishing. Learn more about Lake George and plan your next fishing trip!

Fishing Season on Lake George

Lake George is open to anglers year round. Some fish, including yellow perch, black crappie, trout, and landlocked salmon, can be caught year round within daily limits. Other fish, like black bass, northern pike, and others, are only allowed to be caught during specific months. Check out the detailed regulations on Lake George.

Ice fishing is popular on Lake George in the winter months. Once the lake is frozen over, anglers are welcome to set up on the ice to catch coldwater fish like lake trout, salmon, and smelt.

Fish Found in Lake George

There is a wide variety of fish found in Lake George. The most popular cold water fish are lake trout, salmon, and smelt. Landlocked salmon is restocked in the lake annually. Yellow perch is another popular catch for ice fisherman.

Warm water fish found in Lake George include perch, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass, among others. Other fish that have been caught in Lake George are northern pike, chain pickerel, brown bullhead, black crappie, rock bass, pumpkinseed, brook trout, and others less frequently seen. 36 species of fish have been found in the Lake George watershed.

Best Fishing Locations on Lake George

Lake George has ample locations perfect for fishing. Depending on what you’re looking to catch and in what season, you can find the best spot to fish on Lake George. Here are some of the hotspots on Lake George for the most popular fish species:

Lake Trout: Lake trout like cold, deep water, especially in the summer. Some of the best locations to find lake trout include:

  • Southeast of Dome Island
  • The point of Tongue Island
  • The Flats in the Southern Basin
  • The shoreline by Paulist Fathers
  • The Northwest Bay

Smallmouth Bass: bass, especially the black bass found in Lake George, tend to swim in warmer, shallower waters. They can often be found lingering around underwater structures and plants. The best locations for smallmouth bass are:

  • The Narrows
  • Canoe Island
  • Dicks Island
  • Hogback Reef
  • Sunken Island in Hague

Landlocked Salmon: Salmon tend to swim around the surface, but can also be caught in ice fishing weather. In the summer, salmon move towards deeper water further into the center of the lake, but they can be found closer to the shore in colder weather. Salmon spawn in streams around the fall, so look closer to shorelines and tributaries during this time. Some specific hotspots for Salmon include:

  • Million Dollar Beach
  • Diamond Point
  • Assembly Point / Harris Bay

This map from offers other popular locations for fishing on Lake George.

Equipment to Bring to Lake George

Your fishing equipment is dependent on the season and which fish you hope to catch. Many anglers successfully fish from shorelines and piers without bringing their boat out.

To fish on Lake George, you’ll need the obvious necessities like fishing reels, rods, fishing line, coolers, etc. You’ll also need a New York State fishing license and proper licensing for your boat if you’re going out on the water.

If you’re looking to catch lake trout, we recommend these fishing lures:

  • Speedy Shiners (either orange with black dots, blue-silver, chartreuse-silver, cop car, or wonderbread)
  • Live Target Smelt (black-silver or blue-silver)
  • Flatfish (most colors)

To catch smallmouth bass, use the following lures:

  • Keitech Swing Impacts
  • Yamamoto Senkos

Ice fishing requires extra equipment as well. Ice fisherman should be sure to pack tip ups, an ice auger, an ice scoop, Tungsten jigs and live bait like Spikes, safety picks, and appropriate cold weather clothing. This gear is in addition to your normal fishing equipment, of course.

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12th Apr 2019 Lee Miller

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