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Anglers who just fish on top of a water column are merely scratching the surface. Savvy fishermen know it's smart to drop your baits and lures down deep, where the lunkers lie.

Hitting Bottom

You could bounce off the bottom with the aid of lead sinkers, but that would limit the water you could cover. To fish deeper while trolling, you could use wire line or lead-core line. Then again, that stuff is difficult to work with and deadens your sensitivity to strikes and the fun of fighting with the fishes.

Get Down with Downriggers

No worries. You can fish anywhere in the water column with the use of a downrigger. Downrigger fishing lets you get your lures and baits exactly to the depth you want. Even better, you can troll them, covering lots of water until you find that school of fish you've been looking for.

You'll see all the best brands here, like Scotty, Cannon and Big Jon. Choose from simple, reliable and affordable manual downriggers or easy-to-use electric downriggers. You'll also find all the downrigger parts and accessories you need such as downrigger mounts, bases, hardware and boom-end assemblies.

In addition, we carry plenty of rod holders. They are perfect for using with downriggers but also work great for flat-line trolling or simply storing your rods so that they are out of the way in your boat.

Got questions? We've got answers. In our book, no question is too simple. From "What is a downrigger?" to which one works best with your favorite type of fishing, call us toll-free or email us. Our product experts will be happy to give you the lowdown.