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For anglers in need of a space-saving option on fishing trips, a fish bag is your best bet. They’re flexible, durable, and insulated to keep your catch fresh. 

A fish cooler bag is similar to the kind of cooler you might take on a camping trip. They have hard plastic exteriors that are built to withstand hard use and the elements, and are made to keep ice from melting for long periods of time.

The drawback to fishing coolers, however, is that they’re heavier than fish bags and take up more space, making them inconvenient on smaller craft and near-impossible to use in kayaks.

Fish bags are smaller and more flexible, but are still very durable. Insulated fish bags are a good option for those with smaller fishing boats or kayaks, or for quick solo trips. However, it’s possible to use them on longer trips as well.

Overall, fish catch bags are the more versatile option. They’re usually made of heavy-duty materials like polyester. Reliable Fishing Products’ fishing game bags are all made from vinyl-coated polyester, and sewn with UV and mildew-resistant thread.