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Putting a bend in the rod has to be one of the most exciting parts of fishing. When a fish bites, whether with a tentative nibble or a fierce strike, the energy it sends through your fishing rod and line feels electric.

Besides helping you get the most out of every jolt of juice, the right fishing rod will assist you in getting your lures and baits exactly where you want them for maximum effect. In addition, quality fishing rods will let you tame the fiercest fighters and bring them to shore or alongside your boat.

Here at FISH307, we stock a huge variety of the best fishing rods. Whether you fish in freshwater or saltwater, with a lure, fly or bait, you will find the perfect match for the kind of fishing you love when you shop here.

Types of Fishing Poles

You'll see all the best brands here, like St. Croix, Shakespeare, Eagle and 13 Fishing. Spinning is one of the most popular types of fishing, so we stock spinning rods in a variety of lengths and weights. You can find everything here, from an ultralight spinning rod appropriate for having fun with bluegills and sunnies, to a lengthy surfcasting rod suitable for hauling 40-pound stripers out of the suds.

Baitcasting rods offer extra backbone and casting range, which makes them popular for tough freshwater gamefish like bass, pike and muskies, as well as for inshore saltwater species like snook, seatrout and redfish. You'll discover premium basting rods here from famous makers like Shimano, Quantum and Temple Fork.

Trolling provides an effective way to cover a lot of ground, so it's a natural for ocean fishing and large, freshwater lakes. Our selection of trolling rods includes poles specifically designed for working with downriggers to get your lures down deep where the lunkers live.

For fishing purists, few methods beat the fine art of fly casting. You'll find finesse fly rods here capable of enticing 4-ounce brookies, as well as big-boned fly rods suitable for battling albacore, blues and stripers in addition to bonefish and redfish.

Far more rods break from being stepped on, dropped or caught in car doors than from battles with goliath gamefish. That's why it's smart to protect your investment when it's not in action. In addition to finding the perfect fishing rod for sale here, you will discover rod cases and rod racks. Our big inventory lets you find the perfect one to protect your precious poles on a boat, in your truck, on an airplane trip or at home.