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Fish can be finicky and fickle. At times, your finny friends would probably attack a twig if you tossed it in the water. At other times, they'll clam up and be as standoffish as the pickiest pug turning up his nose at a dish of dog food. But that's part of the fun of fishing. Figuring out what your quarry will strike takes creativity and intelligence.

That's why it's smart to bring an array of fishing baits and lures with you on any expedition. If one offering doesn't entice, perhaps Mr. Bass or Mr. Sturgie will bite another - or another. Wise anglers always have a plan B, and probably plans C through XYZ, just in case. Bringing a variety of lures and baits with you can ensure that your finny diners will always find something they want to choose from the menu you present them.

Fish-Catching Lures and Baits 

Here at FISH307, we have an awesome variety of fishing lures for sale. You'll discover all types of fishing lures for freshwater, saltwater and, yes, even brackish water. We also stock lures for every type of angler, from fly fishing to spinning and baitcasting. Whether you are seeking salmon, pursuing perch, longing for largemouth or teasing trout, you'll find a veritable smorgasbord of delicious fish dishes here.

All the Best Brands

Our inventory includes offerings from famous lure makers like Mepps, the company known for creating one of the deadliest spinners of all time. No tackle box should be without an assortment of spoons, from Acme Kastmasters to Swedish Pimples, so we stock plenty of those killer lures, too. Plugs and hard baits are a must for catching bass and other gamefish, so we carry a range of topwaters, jerk baits, deep divers and Rapala and Yo-Zuri minnows. These can catch everything from largemouth bass in sweetwater, to stripers, blues, snook and seatrout in salt.

Jigs are one of the simplest and most effective all-around lures for any fishing situation, so we carry an extensive selection. We also carry all the plastic tails you will need to enhance your jig's action to catch everything from shad to striped bass. You'll also find bucketloads of plastic worms, tails and grubs here you can flip to bucketmouths or crappie on their own, or use to dress your jigs and lures.

Something Smells Fishy

Fish have a sense of smell that rivals the best hunting dog's. Sometimes they'll turn up their noses at even the most expertly-presented lure or fly. That's when you should reach for one or more of our baits and fish attractants.

We offer eggs, maggots and other fishy-smelling baits from leading makers like Berkley and Pautzke. We also carry fish attractants to help stir fish into a feeding frenzy in addition to covering up your own scent.