About Us - FISH307 started in 1992 as “Peace Pipe Bait & Tackle”. At that time, we owned the Peace Pipe
Cottages in Bolton Landing, on beautiful Lake George, NY, and we wanted to offer fishing equipment to
our guests and to residents and other people in the area.

As our fishing tackle business grew, we added deep water trolling products and downriggers to our usual
inventory of rods, reels, and bait. We also began offering downrigger repairs as well. To better reflect
our products and services, we changed our name to “Peace Pipe Fishing Outfitters”.

Our loyal customer base also began to grow. We would receive orders from our customers when they
were out of town because they trusted us for their fishing equipment needs. We needed a
straightforward way for them to reach us, so we decided to get a toll-free phone number.

We wanted a number that would spell "FISH" (3474). The phone company conducted a search and found that the only number available with “FISH” in the numbers was 1-800-FISH307 (3474). We
decided to take that new toll-free number. We also decided that FISH307 was a catchy business name,
and the name FISH307 was created.

In the early 90’s, the internet was just starting to become a major factor in the retail world. As more and
more orders reached us, we found we were mailing products all over the world.

The Peace Pipe Cottages were sold in 2002 as we made the decision to place our business focus solely
on our fishing customers.

Since that time, we have moved to three locations, each one bigger than the last. Each place offered
more of what our customers are looking for. Of course, our website offers the biggest inventory of all
with over 40,000 items available to ship. The internet has brought us worldwide recognition, and we
now have hundreds of thousands of customers around the world who trust us for their fishing and
outdoor equipment needs.

We have 31 years of experience in this business. We are proud to be a locally owned shop, one that has
grown right in our community. We know our region, our people, and the fishing in this area. We are
proud to employ about 15 local people, many of whom are current or former charter boat captains. We
are proud to sponsor 4 local anglers as ‘Pro Staff’. And we enjoy featuring many locally made products
as well.

We have worked to create three avenues for our customers to reach us: our in-person brick and mortar
store at 814 Goggins Road, Lake George, NY, on the internet at www.FISH307.COM, and over the phone
at 1-800-FISH307 (1-800-347-4307).