Fishing Reels

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No matter where you drop or cast a line, smoothly-operating fishing reels will be crucial to your success. The right reel will help you cast farther and retrieve your bait or lure faster. When you get a fish on, its smooth drag will help you tame even the brawniest bruiser, wearing it out slowly as the drag lets out line and then permits you to retrieve it in the age-old tug of war between fisherman and fish.

Reel in All the Best Brands

Here at, we stock a huge inventory of freshwater and saltwater fishing reels. Our reels for fishing come in assorted sizes and styles, but one thing remains constant. We stock the best fishing brands here, like Shimano, Penn, Pflueger and Abu Garcia.

Easy to learn and use, open-faced spinning reels rank as one of the most popular styles among anglers. We stock a huge assortment of spinning reels, from ultralight models perfect for having fun catching panfish, smallmouth bass and trout, to beefy surfcasting models perfect for casting to bluefish, striped bass and other oceanic predators in the suds.

Baitcasting reels require a bit more expertise to avoid problems like backlashes and bird's nests. Even so, many anglers prefer them for their long casting ability and ample fishing line capacity. You can find baitcasters here to use in inshore saltwater angling situations for redfish, seatrout and snook, as well as in sweetwater pursuits for anything from largemouth bass to the mighty musky.

Flying High While Fly Fishing

As the most artistic form of fishing, fly casting demands equipment as close to perfection as humanly possible. Discover our supply of fly reels made for floating a careful dry fly presentation to brook trout in burbling mountain streams, as well as beefier fly reels suitable for sending streamers in front of albies, stripers, blues, bonefish, permit and other oceanic marauders.

For big-water fishing, whether on large lakes or in the ocean, trolling presents a time-honored method to cover a lot of water and find the fish. You'll discover freshwater trolling reels here perfect for walleye, lake trout and muskies, as well as saltwater versions that can handle anything from inshore denizens like stripers and bluefish to pelagic predators like marlin and tuna.