Ice Augers

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Unless someone else has done the drudge work of drilling holes through the ice, you're going to need an ice auger for your ice fishing expeditions. A variety of augers are available. Hand-powered augers are affordable, lightweight and quiet. Though they require a bit or physical effort, you won't have to worry about running out of juice or gas.

If you want to take some of the work out of cutting through the ice, a gas-powered ice auger or an electric ice auger. Though powerful and able to run for a long time, gas augers are noisy. A battery-powered auger will be much quieter but will be subject to shorter run times.

FISH307 carries a variety of hand and power ice fishing augers so you can find the best ice fishing auger that suits your style and budget.

Hands-On Ice Cutting

Whether you are a traditionalist or just someone who is looking for an inexpensive and simple solution to cutting holes through hard water, manual augers are well worth considering. You'll discover a variety of sizes, styles and price points here to suit the kind of fishing you do. Some of our manual ice augers, like the HT Siberian Hardcore Ice Gear Auger Kit, come with an adapter you can use to hook it up to your cordless drill. This gives you the flexibility of manual or power drilling.

We also carry ice augers designed specifically to work with cordless drills, like our K-Drill Ice Auger. Available for different hole sizes, these drills are very lightweight and cut holes fast.

Electric Alternatives

Though more expensive than hand and power drill models, lithium ice augers are portable, quiet and easy to care for. A variety of sizes are available, including a 10-inch ice auger. Advances in lithium battery technology have provided them longer runtime too. Some of these come with USB ports for handy charging of gadgets like cellphones and tables while you're out on the ice.