Ice Fishing Lures

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When it comes to most types of fishing, including ice fishing, there are two basic approaches to what you put at the end of your line: lures or bait. Although each method has its pros and cons, lures and jigs should be in every ice angler's tackle box. Even if you are a dyed-in-the-wool bait fisherman, having lures in your arsenal will ensure you can offer some variety for finicky fish. And you won't have to constantly go to the store to replenish your armada of ice fishing jigs and lures if you bring a big selection with you from the beginning.

Matching the Hatch and Waking the Near-Dead

Here at FISH307, we offer a super selection of the best ice fishing lures and jigs. Our ice fishing hard baits, are available in a variety of sizes and colors to "match the hatch" of local baitfish. Hard baits like the popular Rapala Jigging Rap also make a rattling sound to awaken the curiosity of cold-numbed fish.

A spoon fluttering up and down in the water column can draw savage strikes, so we carry a big variety of sizes, shapes and colors. These include many versions of the famous Acme Kastmaster, which can be as effective under ice as it is in soft water.

You will also find many varieties of the Swedish Pimple here. (Quick aside to newcomers: this is a super-effective ice-fishing lure rather than an exotic form of adolescent acne.)

Ice fishing jigging is probably the most effective style of all, so we carry lots of ice jigs. These are available in a wide range of colors, styles and sizes so you can catch anything from a bluegill to a walleye lurking under the ice. We also stock lots of soft plastic ice tails and lures you can fish with on their own or use to dress up your jigs.