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Cannon Downrigger Repairs, Parts & Schematics

Cannon Downrigger Repairs, Parts & Schematics

cannon-logo-lg.jpg is a Cannon Authorized Warranty & Service Center.

Buy Cannon Downrigger replacement parts online easily using our repair schematics below. 

For in-shop service please ship your unit to:
Repair Department
6 State Route 149
Lake George, NY 12845


Our Service Rate is $90 per hour plus parts, applicable tax, and freight. Please remove the booms and rod holders before shipping.

Important Information:

  1. ALL PARTS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY (in quantities of 1) If the schematic indicates you need more than 1, order accordingly.
  2. No Returns Or Exchanges On Any Electronic Parts, Boards, Or Switches.



Cannon Downrigger Parts & Service

When the weather gets warm, many fish like to sulk deeper down in the water column. This often applies in saltwater as well as freshwater angling situations.

If you are trolling, deep-down fish can present a problem. You can used weighted wire or lead-core line to get your lures down to where the lunkers lie. But these types of line can be a hassle to use, causing kinks and other problems. In addition, they make it harder to feel fish and less fun to fight them.

Fishing in Depth

Downriggers offer a smart alternative. They give anglers a way to run their lures deep without the heaviness and hassles of lead-core and wire line. With the right downriggers, you can troll your baits at exactly the depth you want them.

Designed and made in Minnesota, Cannon downriggers have become one of the most trusted names in what the company likes to call "controlled-depth fishing." Available in electric and manual models, these downriggers are noted for their corrosion-resistant, one-piece design. They feature fewer moving parts than many competing brands, providing simplicity and reliability.

Although the parts of a Cannon are simple, they still can wear out over time. Although these parts may be hard for you to find locally, when you shop online here at FISH307, you will discover a huge selection of Cannon downrigger parts.

We make it quick, easy and affordable to find the parts you need. Just select the Cannon parts diagram from the schematics on this page. Then enter the parts numbers in the search box above. Once you have made your selections, we'll do the rest, getting you your quality replacement parts fast and affordably.

Full-Service Supplier

If you prefer, you can also browse Cannon parts on this page. Not a DIYer? Not a problem! We are a Cannon-authorized warranty and service center. After removing the boom and rod holder, just ship your downrigger to us and our techs will get it running right.

Below Are Common Cannon Downrigger Parts

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