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Are you exploring a new frozen pond or lake, or are you just starting out in the exciting sport of ice fishing? Here's a tip: get yourself a tip-up.

Hot Tips for Cold-Weather Fishing

Tip-ups provide a way to keep tabs on multiple lines lowered through holes drilled in separate spots. They can help you determine where the fish are.

That's a big advantage in hard-water fishing. Unlike during spring, summer and fall, you're going to face some challenges when you're winter fishing. Besides the obvious obstacle of cold weather, it will be much harder to locate schools of fish under 5 inches of ice, even if you have the latest electronics.

Tip-ups provide an easy, low-tech answer. After you set them up, they will tip up when a fish begins nibbling on your bait or tugging at a jig. You can sit in your ice shack or elsewhere and keep an eye on your tip-up spread, keeping in mind you must comply with all state and local fishing regulations.

Here at FISH307, we carry the best ice fishing tip-ups. You'll discover a wide variety of styles and sizes to match the kind of ice fishing you do. Our tip-ups are available in a range of price points, making it easy to find the one that best suits your budget.

Ice Fishing Tip-Up Fix-Its

If one or more of your tip-ups isn't working right, don't trash it. We also carry an extensive selection of tip-up parts and accessories so you can fix yours rather than hauling them to the landfill. You can also get all the tip-up supplies and accessories you need here, like spools of tip-up line.

Got a question about a particular product or tip-ups in general? Whether you are wondering how to set up a tip-up or which one is best for your situation, email or phone us toll-free. Our expert ice fishing staff will be happy to give you some hot tips on tip-ups.