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Gamakatsu Under Spin Heads

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  • Gamakatsu Under Spin Heads
  • Gamakatsu Under Spin Heads
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The Under Spin Head features Gamakatsu Heavy Cover 60-degree hook. The heavy wire and wide gap design of the Heavy Cover gives anglers a better hook up ratio and retention when using bulky swim baits. Ideal for heavy braid or fluorocarbon line. The head profile is streamlined to glide through cover. Gamakatsu Spring Lock holds swim baits and other plastics gently but firmly, keeping your presentation straight on the hook. Recessed lifelike eyes on the Under Spin provide a focal point for predators. The small chrome blade is attached to a quality ball-bearing swivel allowing it to spin freely, even at the slowest retrieves, to simulate baitfish and create a subtle trigger.

394414-3/16 Plain Lead 4/0-3/16 1 089726113102
394414-1/4 Plain Lead 4/0-1/4 1 089726113119
394414-3/8 Plain Lead 4/0-3/8 1 089726113126
394414-1/2 Plain Lead 4/0-1/2 1 089726113133
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