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Gamakatsu Gika Rig

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Gamakatsu Gika Rig
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Gika Rig combines the natural presentation of finesse fishing with the speed of power fishing. Gika Rig use an off-set shank worm hook with an elongated drop shot style weight attached directly to the eye via a solid ring. The position of the weight allows anglers to ‘feel’ the bottom, detecting transitions in composition and helping find fish-holding structures. Gika Rig produces a natural swimming and dropping motion. The solid ring allows the plastic bait to float freely and rotate from side to side as it descends. It slips through vegetation with ease and grabs the attention of bass.


399412-1/8 NS Black 2/0-1/8 2 08972611350
399412-3/16 NS Black 2/0-3/16 2 08972611351
399413-3/16 NS Black 3/0-3/16 2 08972611353
399413-1/4 NS Black 3/0-1/4 2 08972611354
399414-1/4 NS Black 4/0-1/4 2 08972611356
399414-3/8 NS Black 4/0-3/8 2 08972611357

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Gamakatsu Gika Rig
$6.39 - $7.19

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