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Storm Arashi Glide 19 - 3 1/8oz 7.5'' Ghost Rainbow Trout

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Storm Arashi Glide 19 - 3 1/8oz 7.5'' Ghost Rainbow Trout
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Perfected from years of design work and field testing by some of the world's most elite anglers, the Storm Arashi Glide is a must have bait for anyone looking to target giant largemouth bass. The Arashi Glide is finely tuned to provide a consistent, stable action at a variety of speeds, making it one of the most versatile glide baits to ever hit the market. Fish it with a 3/4-turn and pause cadence for a slow sweeping side-to-side glide, or retrieve it with quick twitches of the rod tip for an erratic darting presentation that mimics a fleeing bait fish. Unlike most glide baits, the Arashi Glide can even be burned at high speeds to produce a tight "S" pattern without blowing out. Developed to sink slowly in a slight head down position, the Arashi Glide Bait responds to the slightest line movement. A quick snap of the rod tip will turn the bait a full 180 degrees to trigger strikes from followers.


  • Durable triple-pin hinge construction with wide range of motion
  • Controlled slow sink rate of 0.4ft/sec for control over swimming depth
  • Swiveling hook hangers to increase landing ratio by eliminating a fish's leverage over the lure body
  • Lifelike colors and patterns to match specific species of baitfish
  • Includes snap and spare soft tail

Length - 7-1/2in
Weight - 3-1/8oz
Hooks - (2) 2/0


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Storm Arashi Glide 19 - 3 1/8oz 7.5'' Ghost Rainbow Trout

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