Shark Cannonball Downrigger Weight - Glow 12 Lb

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Shark Cannonballs are downrigger fishing weights that are quite possibly some of the best and most effective cannonballs ever made. Designed to attract fish to your lure, these weights target the lateral line of game fish by creating and transforming energy into signals similar to ones made by gamefish. The unique, concave facets on the sides of Shark Cannonballs are the key to this ability.

By transforming light and sound using reflection, signals are bounced off of the weight’s surface and are then expelled in a starburst array. The downrigger weight also creates a unique, two-stage sonic signature as it cuts through the water. This creates a fish-shaped pressure waved, signaling predator fish activity. Salmon become very stimulated when they sense all of this activity, causing them to swim towards Shark Cannonballs where they will literally run into your lure!

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