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Shappell Sled Wear Bars

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Shappell Sled Wear Bars
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Extend the life of your sled or portable sled based ice shelter with these ultra high density polyethylene bars

  • Ultra High Density Polyethylene Bars
  • Extend the Life of Sled Base
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Water Tight Sealing Washers
  • # SWB1:  fits Jet Sled Jr., Jet Sled SUV
  • # SWB2:  fits Jet Sled XL, Jet Sled Magnum and Kodiak XL
  • # SWB3:  fits Jet Sled 1, Mini Mag, Kodiak 1 

Customer Reviews

4 reviews

  • A little tricky holding the bolt head and nut to tighten during installation but once on they work great. I pull my sled with a Snowdog so these will protect the bottom of the sled very well.

  • These make sense. They should be included when you purchase a sled. Easy to install. Rubber washers should keep water out. Three included in package but I installed only 2 because third would be off-center on jet sled junior. Perhaps sell only as package of 2 for less$.

  • I just received these wear bars today and installed them tonight. I'm hoping they will help keep from wearing a hole in the sled like my old sled. Time will tell, but they have to help! If they do, my rating will be higher.

  • If you own a Shappell sled that is used on hard ice you need the runners or wear bars on the bottom of the sled to prevent damage to the plastic bottom of the sled. In fact the sleds should probably not be sold without them. They are easy to install with a drill, a wrench and a screwdriver. They are reversible so that they can be turned around as the fronts of the wear bars begin to wear. They come with rubber washers so the sled will not leak if used in a wet environment. The only complaint I have is why weren't they on the sled when I bought it!!

Shappell Sled Wear Bars
$34.99 - $44.99

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