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Raymarine Cpt-s In-hull Chirp Transducer 170-230 Khz

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Raymarine Cpt-s In-hull Chirp Transducer 170-230 Khz
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Raymarine CPT-S In-Hull Transducer

Model: A80691

The CPT-S In-hull transducer provides a simple-to-install depth only transducer solution for non-cored fiberglass hulls. Ideal for sailing, cruising, and small powerboat applications, the CPTS-S In-hull transducer supports CHIRP operation centered on 200kHz. The CPT-S in-hull directly connects to Element S and connects to Axiom RV, Axiom Pro, and Element HV using the A80490 or A80559 adapters, respectively. An innovative transducer tube housing design allows the CPT-S In-Hull to mount in hulls ranging from 0 to 25 degrees deadrise.

The CPT-S In-hull is designed for glue-in installation on vessels with non-cored fiberglass hulls. A cut-to-fit transducer housing allows the transducer to readily adapt to hulls with deadrise angles between 0° and 25°.

The CPT-S In-Hull transmits in the High CHIRP band for reliable depth recording, fish targeting, and bottom density. Pair the CPT-S In-hull with a Raymarine MFD for general navigation and scouting anchoring locations.

In-hull transducers offer reliable depth performance at cruising-speeds. The CPT-S In-hull accommodates RIBS, trailer boats, and applications where drilling through the hull or mounting to the transom is not practical.

Sonar TypeCHIRP
FrequencyHigh CHIRP 170 — 230 kHz
Hull compatibilitySolid, non-cored fiberglass hull
Deadrise Adjustments0°, 12° or 20°
Depth RangeUp to 600 feet
Cone Angle25°
Cable length6 meters
Axiom, Axiom+Direct connection to Axiom 7 DV. Use the A80490 adaptor for connection to Axiom RV and Axiom+ RV
Axiom ProUse the A80490 adaptor for connection to Axiom Pro S, Axiom Pro RVX and the RVX1000
ElementDirect connection to Element S. Compatible with Element HV using the A80559 adaptor
Other/legacyDirect connection to DownVision variants of aSeries, eS Series, and CP100 Sonar modules

What's in the Box:
  • In-Hull Transducer Tube
  • In-Hull Transducer
  • R-Clip

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Raymarine Cpt-s In-hull Chirp Transducer 170-230 Khz