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Pro-Troll Roto Chip Head - #5b Clear 3/4" Wide Big Fin, Pack Of 3, With Echip - Unrigged

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The Big Fin model is generally used with bait 6 or 7 inches long. Rig your hook so that it will ride at the tail of the baitfish. The item comes three to a pack. This unrigged head can be rigged with any hook setup. Some fishermen prefer to rig with a single hook and others use tandem hooks. This model has a 3/4 inch high diagonal fin on the bottom which causes and erratic rolling action on the baitfish. For the 1/2" fin model see the 4300 series.

When the wire slider is moved forward, the head automatically springs open. Insert the head of your baitfish and slide the wire backwards until the baitfish is held in position. To see how these items are typically rigged, call up the RotoChip Baitholder on the main menu. Each head contains the Pro-Troll electronic EChip electronic attractor. As the baitholder wiggles the EChip discharges a tiny electrical pulse that exactly duplicates the nerve discharge of a wounded baitfish.

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