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Pro-Troll ProChip 4" Flashers with Echip

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Pro-Troll ProChip 4" Flashers
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The ProChip 4 flashers are made for catching trout and kokanee. The flasher is 4 inches long and has a diagonal kicker fin on the back. This gives the flasher an eratic spinning and kicking action from side to side. It contains the Pro-Troll electronic EChip and has Pro-Troll "Easy Spin" ball bearing swivels on both ends. For trolling less that 1 MPH, the flasher can be rigged for slow troll. Gives great action to a bait or hoochie behind it. It is easy to handle and can be coupled on short leaders (13 to 20 inches) to the lure or bait. See the instructions inside the flap of the flasher package.


  • Size: 4"


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Pro-Troll ProChip 4" Flashers with Echip
$9.69 - $10.49

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