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Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jig

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Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jig
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Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jigs are built on a 32824NP-BN UltraPoint® hook with a precision-molded, hydrodynamic head and feature two line ties for vertical or casting presentation. Oversized 3-D Eyes, hand tied premium dyed deer hair and Crystal Flash give the jig maximum attraction. The wire bait keeper secures natural baits or artificial trailers. 8 Color Patterns and 12 weight heads for just about anything that swims! The head has a durable and strong epoxy finish. The Bucktail Jig has a wide variety of applications in both fresh and saltwater during the summer and winter season. Depending on the size, use it to target species like Striped Bass, Fluke, Largemouth Bass, Perch, Yellowtail, Steelhead, Snapper, Redfish, Zander, Walleye, Snook, and just about anything that swims! Unlike so many other lures, the Bucktail Jig has no built-in action. Apply movement by bouncing, twitching, and lifting the rod to get the fish in striking mood, no matter if your are fishing vertically or casting the jig.

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Mustad Big Eye Bucktail Jig
$3.49 - $10.69

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