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Mule Sauce - Hot Sauce That Kicks Ass

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A unique, subtle sweetness with a sharp kick that turns a dish of any value into a delectable masterpiece.

Deeply ingrained in Mexican culture, habanero has a citrus-like flavor, flowery aroma and plenty of heat.

Yellow scotch bonnet
A Caribbean and Central American native, with similar heat to habanero, and with a sweet and fruity flavor.

Bhut jolokia
The world’s hottest pepper is also the most delicious. We use a touch to add kick and unmatched flavor.

Makes any dish kick ass.

  • Turn a hot dog into the best hot dog you’ve ever eaten.
  • Make a cheap meal into a luxury dish.
  • Enhance any meat, fish or pasta with a taste that will impress all of your friends.

5 Fluid Ounces per bottle

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