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Clam Drill Plate Pro

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Clam Drill Plate Pro
Clam Drill Plate Pro
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Clam Drill Plate Pro
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The Clam Drill Plate has been a favorite for many years, allowing anglers to convert an 18 volt cordless drill to an electric auger that is extremely lightweight & portable.  By giving an alternative to heavy gas or electric augers, the Clam Drill Plate changed ice fishing forever! Not only will the Drill Plate save your wrist & forearm, it will also save wear & tear on your drill with its sealed ball bearing drive.


  • Weight: 5 lbs - With auger bit/tested drill: 14 lbs
  • Anodized aluminum frame/handle/plate
  • Rubber dipped handles and trigger for easier handling and use
  • Taller upright bracket to accommodate more drill types
  • Industrial ball bearing  - absorbs the load from the auger so the drill is only used to spin the auger and not support the torque
  • Extends the life of the drill
  • Includes all hardware needed to mount your drill
  • Works with most current 18 or 20-volt ½ inch cordless drills
  • Convert cordless drill to an electric auger!
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to use
  • No gas auger fumes!
  • Spring return on the actuator arm
  • Patents 9,561,546 and 9,999,969

Customer Reviews

2 reviews

  • like the whole setup except the part that holds the auger has a hole size way to small for my jiffy torch, hole should be 3/8 not 1/4 in.

  • I have been lugging a gas powered Strike Master Auger for many years but the first time I saw a cordless drill on the Clam Plate I had to have one. My gas auger is officially retired. I bought the Milwaukee Fuel 18 volt drill with 2 5 Amp hour batteries and I had a 7 inch SM manual auger with new blades. It drills like a dream and I bet I dropped 25 pounds from the load I drag onto the ice. No more mixing stinky gas, pulling cords or maintaining an engine, just pull the trigger and a perfect hole magically appears in the ice in seconds.

Clam Drill Plate Pro

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