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Airmar B175c-20-h 20d Tilt With Raymarine 11-pin Mm Cable

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Airmar B175c-20-h 20d Tilt With Raymarine 11-pin Mm Cable
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Airmar B175 CHIRP High Frequency 20d Tilted Element With Raymarine 11-Pin Mix-N-Match Cable

Model: B175C-20-H-11R
  • Depth & fast-response water-temperature sensor
  • High—CHIRPS from 150 kHz to 210 kHz
  • Boat Size: 8 m (25’) and above
  • 80 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer
  • Covers popular fishing frequency of 200 kHz plus everything else in the bandwidth
  • Hull Type: Fiberglass or wood

The transducer’s ceramic elements are permanently tilted inside the housing to compensate for the hull deadrise. This ensures the beam is aimed straight down, resulting in maximum echo returns and eliminating the need for a fairing

Flush/tilted transducers mount through a hole drilled in any fiberglass, metal or wooden hull, with the outside of the fitting flush against the exterior hull surface. Inside the fitting, the transducer’s active elements are permanently tilted to an angle to compensate for the hull deadrise, ensuring the sonar beam is aimed straight down.

High Frequency = Greater Detail (ex. 130-210 kHz) - More sensitive to small targets and will send back detailed information which will display as crisp, high-resolution images on the echosounder screen. Best for shallower water and popular with anglers fishing at depths less than 1500 feet

Requires additionals cable; A80328 when used as a single
A102146 when used as a pair.

Acoustic WindowUrethane
Power rating1 kW @ 1% duty cycle
Frequency130 to 210 kHz-A (Broadband)
Beam10° to 6° beam
Max Depth1000ft

What's in the Box:
  • B175C-20-H-MM Transducer
  • MMC-11R Mix-N-Match Cable

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Airmar B175c-20-h 20d Tilt With Raymarine 11-pin Mm Cable