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Acme Tackle Kastmaster Spoons - 1/8OZ - Chrome Blue

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Acme Tackle Kastmaster Spoons - 1/8OZ - Chrome Blue
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Kastmaster’s balance produces wild action without line twist! Because of its aerodynamic design, it’s the master distance caster, and catches fish from pan-sized trout to bragging-sized stripers – in fresh and salt water. The Kastmaster is precision machined. It will not break, bend or corrode and it retains its luster even after repeated exposure to salt water.

Each lure comes with a split ring and a treble hook on the bottom of the lure.


1/32, 1/24 & 1/12 oz. (2-4 lb. test) for the light tackle specialist - ideal for trout, panfish, shad & for ice fishing.

1/8 oz., 1/4 oz. (2- 4 lb. test) ultra-lite, light spinning & ice jigging - for trout, pickerel, panfish, smallmouth bass, snapper blues.

3/8 oz., 1/2 oz. (6-10 lb. test) medium spinning, bait casting - for large trout, white & black bass, and smaller salt water species.

3/4 oz., 1 oz. (10-15 lb. test) medium-heavy spinning, baitcasting, trolling, in fresh or salt water - for salmon, steelhead, and many salt water species.

2 oz., 3 oz. (15-30 lb. test) heavy spinning, surfcasting, trolling in surf, sea, big lakes - for stripers, blues,jacks, lake trout, salmon.

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Acme Tackle Kastmaster Spoons - 1/8OZ - Chrome Blue

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