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Cannon Downrigger RETRO POWER CABLE KIT - 3883220

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Cannon Downrigger RETRO POWER CABLE KIT - 3883220
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New Replacement Cable by Cannon for older model downriggers.

This kit replaces;

  • Battery Cable - Number 1415072
  • Motor Cable - Number 4415002

Both Old Numbers Are Discontinued!

The kit is complete for both the Battery & Motor side.

Replaces part numbers 3885004, 3993220, 3393222, 4415001, 4415002, 1215392, 1215393, 2250780, 4415004, 1415072

Customer Reviews

24 reviews

  • The instructions were faded badly hard to read. I spent at least an hour trying to keep the sealer or keeper from pulling out of the cannon housing hole. It didn’t happen. Consequently I ordered a replacement upgraded part from fish307 today. Hopefully it will work. Hopefully the replacement part will fit into the 3/4” housing hole.


  • Fit perfectly on my Mag 10's to replace the dry and cracking original cables.

  • A well-made replacement is a big improvement over the original wire and plug. I expect that is will last the life to the unit and not deteriorate like the original. The only reason for the 4 vs. giving 5 rating is the difficulty to install. The wiring part is very straight forward but the 35 cent Heyco cable mount is not compatible with the size of the original hole. It was necessary to modify the original power cable keeper to complete the installation. Not a big deal just time-consuming.

  • OEM power cord, fit perfectly. order arrived in less than 4 days.

  • First of all fish307 service is outstanding. I could not read wiring diagram , they immediately helped me. However Cannon's requirement to drill out the hole to insert wiring into casing was near impossible on my M10 on the mini-mag downrigger I think it is impossible

  • The cable is a great upgrade. The only improvement I would recommend is an addition to the installation instructions on how to compress the cable strain relief so that it can be installed thru the motor housing

  • I purchased these cables to replace my old ones because all of the insulation had gotten hard and brittle and started falling off. They are always stored inside when not in use so its not the weather or sun causing it. they were only 7 years old. Now the new cables I received are just the same. I could hardly install them they were so stiff and hard. I would think Cannon would come up with a better material. I'll get my next set custom made.

  • I ordered and replaced the power cords on some early 2000 vintage Cannon Mag 10 riggers that were badly cracked with bare wire starting to show. The new power cords are much more heavily insulated and the socket/plug assembly is vastly superior to the old model. Replacement was very straight forward and didn't take much time to convert over all 4 of my riggers.

  • I returned my product because the old mag 20 downriggers I bought online came with both sides of the power cable. When I purchased the downriggers the owner said he could not find the electrical harnesses that went with the downriggers. When I went to get the down riggers, several days later, he had found the connections and gave them to me. I ordered the new harnesses after the owner told me he did not have them. That is the only reason I am returning them. I had to pay for the return shipping.

Cannon Downrigger RETRO POWER CABLE KIT - 3883220

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