Scotty Electric Downriggers

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It's a blast to cast to fish blitzing on the surface. But let's face it. Many times the big schools and the biggest fish are holding way down deep in the water column. Downriggers can help you get your lures and baits in front of the fish just about anywhere in the water column. For deep-down species like kokanee and lake trout, they are practically a necessity.

Manual downriggers are inexpensive and don't require a power source other than your muscles. For some, that is the problem. It can be tiring and tiresome to constantly winch up weights manually.

Electric downriggers provide a muscle-saving alternative. Besides being easier on your body, these powerful downriggers can get your weights and baits out and in much faster than manual models.

Founded in British Columbia in 1952 by the husband and wife team Blayney and Almeda Scott, Scotty developed a reputation for quality salmon lures and other fishing products over the years. Today Scotty electric downriggers are regarded as some of the best on the market.

Superb Scotty Selection

Our best-price Scotty electric downriggers include compact versions that offer the advanced features of their bigger brothers. These include adjustable descent speeds, low amperage draw and marine-grade stainless steel booms. The downriggers come fully assembled and tested and with saltwater protection.

Charter captains and others who depend on catching fish for a living might consider downriggers like the Scotty 2116 HP Depthpower. This model comes with heavy-duty adjustable dual rod holders and incredible pulling power capable of lifting 15-pound weights at a speed of 295 feet per minute.