Hali Ahven 35AYF

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The original Hali Ahven Jigging Spoons are high quality lures that have been made by hand with over fifty years of experience in the lure making tradition. The lures are manufactured in the town of Lahti which is located in southern Finland. The Hali Ahven jigging spoons are fish shaped and have jewels added to the sides that reflect light with extra flash. The action of the Hali Ahven jigging spoon is incredible. The Ahven flutters thru the water when dropping with a fish attracting action. The hook is attached beneath the jigging spoon via a small wire chain. The slightest twitch of your rod tip causes the hook tipped with a spike, wax worm or small piece of bait to dance. Then hold your rod motionless... A fish can inhale your bait with the slightest action and then you will need to set the hook. Hali Ahven Jigging spoons can be used for all species of fish and are deadly on Perch, Crappie, White Bass, Bluegills, and Whitefish.

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Hali Ahven 35AYF
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