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Sure-Life Crawfish Saver 3lb Bottle - SL243

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Sure-Life Crawfish Saver 3lb Bottle - SL243
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CRAWFISH-SAVER™ Crawfish Holding Formula

  • Reduces Crawfish Losses.
  • Removes Harmful Ammonia.
  • Reduces Odors From Water.
  • Keeps Bait Frisky.
  • Removes Harmful Surface Foam.
  • Removes Harmful Chlorine From Melting Ice.
  • Reduces Fungus and Bacteria.
  • Helps keep Shell Hardened and Molting to a Minimum.
  • Readily Dissolves In Freshwater.
  • Reduces Surface Tension For Better Oxygen Transfer.

Especially formulated for the exclusive use of keeping bait crawfish alive in captivity. Due to the high price often associated with crawfish, any losses can quickly cause substantial profit damages. We believe this is the first formula ever developed for used on crawfish. Use CRAWFISH-SAVER to lower losses and properly condition bait for better marketability.

Two heaping tablespoons treats 25 gallons of water; one cupful treats 100 gallons. UsCRAWFISH-SAVER™ in all new water and following all partial water changes. Complete water changes should be done every fourth day with daily 20% partial water changes conducted in between these times. Shallow depths of water treated with CRAWFISH-SAVER™ have proven to work best in bait tanks. Supply crawfish with small area where they may crawl out of water at their will. Feed crawfish dead frozen minnows by freezing minnows in small plastic container. Once frozen, remove minnows from container and feed entire block of minnows to crawfish.


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Sure-Life Crawfish Saver 3lb Bottle - SL243