Rig Your Speed and Temp Probe for Easy Removal with a Clincher

The Clincher or Klincher is used to securely attach the downrigger cable to the cannonball.. For easy removal of your speed and temp probe from the downrigger cable try rigging the probe with a Clincher terminator. The simple modifications below will ensure good signal transmission from the rigged probe to the Speed and Temp head unit.

1. Obtain a Clincher. The picture below is a Clincher with all of its component parts.

2. Using a small sharp drill bit or grinder you will need to remove the rivet holding the swivel to the body of the Clincher.

3. Once the rivet has been removed, replace it with a short 10-24 Stainless Steel Bolt and 2 Stainless Steel 10-24 Nuts....Make sure not to over tighten the nuts. Swivel must move freely…..

4. Attach your downrigger cable (coated or uncoated cable, depending on your Speed and Temp unit's requirements) through the Clincher as described in the Clicher instructions, making sure to leave at least 4” of cable free once you replace the Clincher tongue…….

5. Pull the tongue into place to secure the coated cable into the Clincher.

6. (If using coated cable) Take the free end of the coated cable and strip off about 1/2” of the coated cable leaving bare cable.

7. Attach a ring terminal to the bare end of the cable either by crimping the terminal or soldering (preferred.)

8. Take the ring terminal and place it between the 2 Stainless Steel 10-24 nuts and tighten……..

9. Finally attach the finished Clincher to your Speed and Temp probe.

This method will allow you to easily attach and remove your probe when needed while maintaining the continuity needed to operate your Speed and Temperature Unit.