The 5 Best Fall Bass Lures

Fall bass fishing is a popular season among anglers. As the weather begins to cool and waters become less crowded, bass fishermen head to the water for a chance to catch big fall bass. Aside from spawning season in early spring, fall is the best time to catch bass. Many anglers think that bass fishing season comes to a close when fall comes around, but this is not the case.

Top 5 Fall Bass Lures

Fall is a great time for bass fishing, but you’re more likely to make a great catch if you use the right lures for the season. Bass’ behavior changes as the days get shorter and the water cools, but with the right lures and techniques, you can catch even trophy-sized bass. Try these best fall bass fishing lures to make a great catch this fall.

These are the Best Fall Bass Lures:

  1. Spinnerbaits
  2. Worms
  3. Frog Lures
  4. Crankbaits
  5. Jigs


Spinnerbaits are a classic bass lure. They are made up of a skirted jig head attached to a bent wire that leads to one or more spinning metal blades. The spinning blades create noise, vibrations, and reflect light to lure in bass. Spinnerbaits work best on windy, overcast days, so they work well for fall bass fishing. They can fish at different speeds and depths depending on the weight of the jig head and the blades.

Our top spinnerbait for bass fishing is the Strike King KVD Finesse Spinnerbait. Designed by bass fishing champ Kevin Van Dam, this spinnerbait is made with high quality components and superior design. The KVD Finesse Spinnerbait features Strike King’s Perfect Skirt and Magic Tail, with realistic swimming action to lure in bass. It is a double-bladed spinnerbait, with willow style and Colorado style blades. Fish this spinnerbait straight, or occasionally jerk or twitch your lure to trigger a bass strike.

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Worms may seem old school, but these tried and true lures really work. These lures are versatile and great for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass. Artificial soft plastic worms mimic live bait much better than hard lures, and have realistic looks and action to attract bites. They are also inexpensive and easy to buy in bulk without breaking the bank. Worms can be rigged many different ways. For the fall, we recommend wacky rigs, drop shot rigs, or shaky head rigs for plastic worms.

Our top plastic worm choice is the Venom Lures Magnum Trickster Worm. Lower-profile finesse worms work better in the fall, as they can trigger a strike from even the most reluctant fish. The Venom Lures Magnum Trickster Worm is made with special low-density plastic, so it can float even with a hook, or sink with added weight. It had a realistic action to lure in bass

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Frog Lures

Frog lures are great for catching bass, especially in areas of heavy cover where the biggest bass hide. They mimic frogs, which are common prey for freshwater bass, and are usually fished along the surface. The hooks on most frog lures sit on the sides of the body, so frogs are totally weedless. This makes them great for fishing through heavy vegetation.

Our favorite frog lure for bass is the Savage Gear 3D Hollow Frog. This frog lure is soft and hollow bodied, with sharp hooks on both sides of its body. It is weedless and great for fishing over heavy cover. When bass bite, the soft body will compress to reveal the hooks, making it easy to set your hook. The Savage Gear 3D Hollow Frog has two skirted legs that kick like a frog’s legs in water, creating a life-like action that will attract bass.

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Crankbaits are powerful bass lures that are fished hard and fast. This can be beneficial in the fall, as it can be hard to figure out where bass are located; fishing crankbaits can help you cover a large amount of water quickly to find bass. Crankbaits are deep diving lures, although the diving lip and style alters their running depth. When the water cools, bass will be closer to the surface, so a shallow diving or square bill crankbait works well for fall bass fishing.

We recommend the Strike King KVD Series Crankbait. Another great  lure from Strike King and Kevin Van Dam, this crankbait is perfect for fall bass fishing. It has a square lip for shallow diving, running only as deep as 4 feet. The Strike King KVD Series Crankbait has a unique, erratic action that triggers strikes and lures in big bass.

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Jigs are extremely effective and versatile when it comes to catching bass. They work particularly well in the fall, and are known to have caught trophy bass. Many jigs have weed guards, making them decently weedless and great for fishing through cover and vegetation. Bass are slower in the cold waters in the fall, but jigs can be fished slowly, from their descent to slow hops along the bottom.

Our top bass jig is the Keitech Tungsten Model 2 Football Jig. Football head jigs have a unique, wobbling action due to the head shape, which mimics a wounded fish and lures in bass. The head also gives this lure a good balance, so the bait is presented well. The Keitech Tungsten Football Jig is perfect for deep water fall fishing, and it is extra sensitive. It has a weed guard to prevent snags, and a silicone skirt to attract fish.

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Fall Bass Fishing

Bass fishing in the fall is often overlooked. While it is generally true that are less aggressive in colder waters, fall weather can be the perfect temperature balance for bass fishing. In the summer, the water can get too warm, so bass hide in deep waters and heavy cover. In the fall, however, the bass come closer to the surface in more comfortable weather.

Bass are also storing up for winter, so they are eating extra and are likely to bite your lure. Since many anglers make the mistake of counting out the fall for bass fishing, you’ll have more bass to yourself. The weather is perfect for longer days without having to worry about overheating, so fall is an ideal time to catch bass.

Fall Bass Fishing Tips

When fishing in the fall for bass, use your knowledge of their behavior to catch more fish.

Fish close to the surface in the fall. As the weather cools, bass will be closer to the surface for warmer, oxygenated water as well as to eat baitfish and store up on food for the colder months ahead. Use topwater lures or lures that run in shallow depths to attract bass near the surface.

Bass are migrating in the fall as the weather changes, so it can be hard to find them on your specific body of water. Use fast action lures to cover large amounts of water at a time. Crankbaits work well for fast power fishing, and can help you find where bass are hiding.

Bass always love hiding under cover or in underwater structures, and this is even more true in the fall. Bass flock to areas of heavy cover and vegetation for oxygen and to prey on bait, so fishing in this area is a great way to make a catch. Target areas of heavy cover to trigger strikes from big bass.

When choosing lures, consider the color. Try to match the color of the local baitfish. Bass are more likely to bite at prey that looks familiar, so matching their typical bait can help trigger bites.

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13th Aug 2019

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