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Elmer Hinckley

Elmer Hinckley 666 Flutter Trolling Spoons

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Elmer Hinckley 666 Flutter Trolling Spoons
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Elmer Hinckley 666 Trolling Spoons Measure 3 9/16" long by 3/4" wide.

Elmer Hinckley Fishing Tackle: Lures that not only look like baitfish in your tackle box, but act like baitfish in the water. Take advantage of over 135 years of Hinckley experience in attracting fish to your line.

Elmer Hinckley lures are made of ultra-thin spring brass for maximum trolling action. Colors are: Silver, Gold, Copper and Black. For lures with a different color on each side: Silver/Copper and Silver/Gold. They are furnished with a treble hook on the shaped end and a split ring on the other end.

This type of flutter spoon, developed over a century ago, was designed to be rigged with a minimum of terminal tackle. We suggest that you avoid any rigging that diminishes the darting and swimming action of the lure. Excess weight on or near the lure will stop the tumbling, fluttering action of these thin spoons. The use of a GOOD swivel will minimize line twist. Select a trolling speed that will give you the best action for your lure. We also suggest you change your boat's speed and direction to increase the lure's action.



Customer Reviews

1 review

  • The Hinckley 666 flutter spoon is deadly on browns. Very high quality metals that are polished to mirror shine. They’re outperforming my beloved Suttons, Michigan stingers, dream weavers, mooselook, Williams and all the copies. Buying more to replace the ones big fish broke off or mangled from numerous catches.

Elmer Hinckley 666 Flutter Trolling Spoons