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Digital 594-mw-s 4' White Ais Antenna 4.5db

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Digital 594-mw-s 4'  White Ais Antenna 4.5db
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Digital Antenna 594-MW 4' AIS Antenna

Model: 594-MW
  • Designed for Digital AIS/VHF signals
  • 4.5dBi omni-directional gain
  • Rugged fiberglass rod with UV stable finish
  • Secure soldered connections
  • 316 stainless steel base
  • 1"x14 female threaded base
  • 15’ premium low-loss RG-8X cable
  • Factory installed mini-UHF connector
  • 5 year warranty

The 594-MW is one antenna designed for the best performance on VHF and AIS signals. To ensure the greatest AIS and VHF range, Digital Antenna’s new 4.5dB gain AIS/VHF antenna features a less than 1:5:1 SWR on both the VHF (156MHz) and AIS (162MHz) frequencies.

Digital VHF radio-based transponder systems need antennas designed for digital signals. Digital Antenna is the only manufacturer to design all antennas to maintain and maximize digital signals for the best transmit and receive range.

Ideal for use on any size commercial or recreational vessel. Perfect for use with combined VHF/AIS radios.

Factory installed mini-UHF connector (less than 3/8" OD) and included PL259 adapter makes a quick and secure connection to the radio. (no soldering needed)

Radiation PatternOmni-Directional
BandwidthVSWR: < 1.5:1 = 1 56-162.5 MHz (6.5MHz)
Cable15’ Digital Antenna exclusive low loss RG-8X
Impedance50 ohms
Max Input Power50 watts
Exterior FinishWhite polyurethane high gloss UV stable
Dimensions4’ length x 1" OD taper
Weight1.7 lbs
RF ConnectorMini-UHF female with included PL259 adapter
Installation1"x14tpi female threaded base
ElementsBrass - Hand soldered
Wind Rating>160KPH
Operating Temp30 F to +175 F
Warranty5 Years
ComplianceAutomatic Identification System (AIS)

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Digital 594-mw-s 4' White Ais Antenna 4.5db