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Century Rods - Inshore Backbay Spinning Rods

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Century Rods - Inshore Backbay Spinning Rods
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All Century Rods Custom Made By Order. Once Ordered It Will Take 4 to 6 Weeks Before Shipping

Advanced Fishing has invented an exclusive line of inshore and back water rods that are even versatile enough to fish fresh and salt water. The Inshore and back bay series rods are built with the same Century technology that the Sling Shot and Stealth Surf rods have, just on a smaller scale. Like the Surf Series rods, Advanced Fishing USA offers tow different actions on the Inshore and back bay series. We have our Inshore Sling Shot or I SS rods, which are the fast action rods that prove very worthy for lead head jigs, darts, live baits, jigging and drop-shot. Then there is the inshore S-1 Stealth or I S-1, which are a more moderate action rods better for un-weighted plastics, popping, top water, spinner and crank baits. We also offer a 7 foot and 7 foot 6 inches in an S-2 glass infused model. This adds an extra bit of durability to the rod for rough fishing conditions.

I-S1/785S IN-SHORE S1/785 1 6'6" 2-12#
I-SS785S IN-SHORE SS785 1 6'6" 2-12#
I-S1/845S IN-SHORE S1/845 1 7' 4-15#
I-SS845S IN-SHORE SS845 1 7' 4-15#
I-SS845/S2S IN-SHORE SS845/S2 1 7' 4-15#
I-SS845XFS IN-SHORE SS845XF 1 7' 4-15#
I-S1/904S IN-SHORE S1/904 1 7'6" 4-15#
I-SS904S IN-SHORE SS904 1 7'6" 4-15#
I-S1/905S IN-SHORE S1/905 1 7'6" 6-18#
I-SS905S IN-SHORE SS905 1 7'6" 6-18#
I-SS905/S2S IN-SHORE SS905/S2 1 7'6" 6-18#
I-SS965S IN-SHORE SS965 1 8' 8-12#
I-S1/965S IN-SHORE S1/965 1 8' 8-12#

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Century Rods - Inshore Backbay Spinning Rods
$464.69 - $519.49