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A Band of Anglers OCEAN BORN™ Wideback Minnow 150mm / 6’’ UV White Wonder

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Wideback Minnow UV White Wonder
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A Band of Anglers OCEAN BORN™ Wideback Minnow 150mm / 6’’ UV White Wonder
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A Patrick Sebile design, the Flying Darter is a long casting darter plug with wandering action!! Not every darter plug casts well, but the Flying Darter delivers long, even super long distance casts and a subtle swimming action needed to catch big fish. An action-packed bait to fish a wide range of waters with amazing results. The side wings enhance aerodynamics and give the lure stability or glide once it's in the water. Low air friction ribs reduce air resistance and add water turbulence. That means the Flying Darter casts farther and moves more enticingly than any other bait of its kind. Shaped for castability and versatility – from still to rough waters, it is aerodynamically engineered to increase casting distance and experience tuned actions that bring in more fish. The natural, lazy side-to-side slide action of the Flying Darter comes with a wandering path which entices a predator to bite – especially the old, experienced trophy fish. This lure offers no or little resistance to the rod tip. Let the lure swim in a moderate to strong current with little or no reeling. Holding it in current and letting it work there can be deadly on the right spot. Great from beaches and slow current areas as well. Allows for twitching and jerking action while most anglers use them with a slow to super slow steady retrieve. Ocean Born Flying Darters come in 3 types - Floating (FL), Super Long Distance (SLD) and Extra Heavy (XH). Simply change model and adjust speed and type of retrieve/cadence, so you will be able to use this lure in a wide range of situations.

What each model does best:

-          Floating (FL): slow & super slow retrieve; drifting in outgoing tide current.

-          Super Long Distance (SLD): longer distance casts when distance is key; slow to medium retrieve.

-          Extra Heavy (XH): Patrick Sebile’s favorite. Achieve super long distance even in windy conditions. Can be fished deep. Offer good control in turbulent waters/ripping currents. Great to jerk and jig. Perfect for big fish in the depths.

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A Band of Anglers OCEAN BORN™ Wideback Minnow 150mm / 6’’ UV White Wonder
$23.99 - $24.99