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Chamberlain Release / Northern Strike

Chamberlain Downrigger Release (Ball)

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Chamberlain Downrigger Release (Ball)
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Perfect for Light Hitting Walleye & Rainbow Trout

Fish with more confidence and control than ever before!

False releases and small fish that are not detected are the two major problems with downrigger fishing. The Chamberlain release is designed to eliminate both these problems with the patented design of two adjustments.

First, the vertical adjustment (rod side) is unique in that it allows the fisherman to put extra downward pressure (loading the rod) against the release while fishing. This is critical because the instant a fish trips the release, the slack between the rod and the fish is removed more quickly. This gives the fisherman an almost instant hookup.

Second, the horizontal adjustment (fish side) is very sensitive and needs only a small adjustment each time to achieve a precise setting. Fisherman should start out on a light setting and adjust the release until the exact setting is reached for that particular lure. The Chamberlain release is so sensitive that when properly adjusted, it can take only ounces of extra drag (caused by small fish, debris or even a strike) to release the line.

The patented two adjustment design of the Chamberlain Release gives the fisherman more control than ever before.

*Increased rod pressure!

*Ends false releases!

*Detects every strike!

*Small fish friendly!

Horizontal Adjustment Chart

Turns out = (in tenths of a pound)

0  =  4.5
1  =  3.0
2  =  1.9
3  =  1.0
4  =  0.6
 5  =  0.3
 6  =  0.0

Vertical & Horizontal Adjustments
Exact Setting Every Time
Adjustable from 0-4.5 lbs
Minimizes False Releases
Increased rod pressure!
Ends false releases!
Detects every strike!
Small fish friendly!
US patent # 7178284
Made in USA

Using the Chamberlain Line Release

Customer Reviews

7 reviews

  • Best release i ever own

  • I have used canon and Scotty downrigger releases in the past and we’re not satisfied at all with having to guess every time I clipped a line in them. A fishing buddy of mine showed me how to use his chamberlains and I left that day and ordered a set and the 101 stackers and have never looked back. Very satisfying to say the least.

  • Best release I have found bar none!

  • I have tried various brands and styles of releases for Land-locked salmon and rainbow trout and these are by far the best. Easy to use, almost no false releases and great for smaller fish.

  • Great quality product at a reasonable price

  • I fish a lot of small Kokanee off down riggers and this release is the bees knees! Fully adjustable, I can drop the downrigger while my rod is in the holder and let it pull out my drag, yet small 6 inch kokanee will trip the release. If you want an adjustable release for light to heavy fish this one is money. Im going to buy a few extras to keep in the boat.

  • Just ordered a couple more to keep on hand

Chamberlain Downrigger Release (Ball)

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