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Yaktrax Ice Walkers

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit


When you walk, work or run in a pair of Yaktrax Ice Walkers, you will feel the same solid predictable grip you are accustomed to feeling on dry surfaces.  There is nothing new to learn -- just walk as you normally would and experience stability on ice and snow like you have never felt before.  Yaktrax are simple to put on and take off.  They are spikeless and light enough to fit in your coat pocket.

Yaktrax Ice Walker grips come in two versions, the Yaktrax Walker and the Yaktrax Pro.  The Walker is designed for pedestrians, senior citizens, and walkers.  It is lightweight and great for walking across parking lots, snowy streets and packed snow and ice.

If you are a person that will be faced with the elements of ice and snow on a daily basis, the Yaktrax Pro is a great solution.  The Pro is designed for people who work,  run, and have an active winter lifestyle. Whatever your need, Yaktrax will help to keep you safe this winter.

Yaktrax Walker Size Chart






U.S. Men's

1 - 4.5

5 - 8.5

9 - 11

11.5 - 13.5

U.S. Women's

2.5 - 6

6.5 - 10

10.5 - 12.5

13 - 15

Euro Men's

32.5 - 37

37.5 - 42

43 - 45

46 - 48

Euro Women's

34.5 - 37.5

38 - 42.5

43 - 45

46 - 48


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