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Voodoo Shad - Phantom Lures

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  • Voodoo Shad - Phantom Lures
  • Voodoo Shad - Phantom Lures


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Voodoo Shad - Phantom Lures

Individually hand-painted, factory-tuned and tank-tested,the floating VooDoo Shad crushes as an open-water searching pattern that dives with medium side-to-side action. Speed freaks appreciate the narrow tail and wider bill that gives it a 40-60% death roll/kick off the back.
Deadly when twitched or slow-rolled at excruciatingly low speeds.

Model           Body Length             Running Depth                 Weight  

VS-4              2" (5cm)                      6-8'                          4g (1/8oz)

VS-5            2.5" (6.5cm)                  8-10'                        6g (1/4oz)

VS-7             3" (7.5cm)                   10-12'                     8g (5/16oz)

VS-9            3.5" (9cm)                    12-14'                     13g (1/2oz)

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