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Venom Lures Shakee Head

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Venom Lures Shakee Head
Venom Lures Shakee Head
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Venom Lures Shakee Head
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Venoms Shakee Head, is the best designed, quality head of its type. Starting with its side eye forged 3/0 nickel plated direct pull Death Grip Hook. The hook's unique design allows the bait to be in a perfect alignment creating solid hook sets. The Shakee Head, also features a specially designed cone that allows the bait to slide over and lock on. Finally we paint our heads using a rock hard chip proof paint. With a 60º longer shank 3/0, as well as a unique molded in lead keeper collar, here's a jig which will stand, drag, swim, the whole gambit and catch 'em in the process.


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Venom Lures Shakee Head

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