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Venom Lures Mini D-K Rig Heads

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Venom Lures Mini D-K Rig Heads
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From the makers of the revolutionary D-K Rig, comes a new compact version of the Weedless Ned Rig, the Mini D-K.  We've all had huge success with bigger baits on the original version, but this jig is specifically designed for those 2.75”-3” finesse Ned-style baits.  Built on a custom 1/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hook, the mushroom shaped jig slow falls through the water column, enticing finicky fish to bite.  Designed to stand straight-up off of the bottom, and truly weedless without having to mess with a pesky weed guard.  Can you say “Game Changer”?  Quit breaking off your Ned Rigs and try some new Mini D-K Rigs today! 

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Venom Lures Mini D-K Rig Heads
$5.99 - $12.99