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Venom Lures Hot Rods (4")

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Venom Lures Hot Rods (4")
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Bet you've never seen one of these rods before! Venom's Hot Rods combine the features of a tube & a stick bait for an awesome presentation. Venom's hot rods are not only unique but they might become your favorite bait. The baits are soft hollow body and double dipped, hand made, just full of salt and Venom's Grab. They come with two tube rattles that are easily inserted in the hollow end. Not only do you have noise but they become very buoyant. They fish great when you rig um Texas style or on a Carolina rig.

Length: 4 inches

Available In:

  • 8 per package with 2 tube rattles

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Venom Lures Hot Rods (4")

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