Trigger X Mustache Worm

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The success and evolution of the Wacky Worm and Wacky style of fishing just got supercharged with the Trigger X® Mustache Worm. Easy-to-rig egg sack, and long tapering appendages on either side of the body create the allure of a small fry or micro plankton try to escape the jaws of a hungry predator. The mustache-like action is created as the appendages undulate up and down during jigging, just like the Wacky Worms of today. Couple this with a wide variety of colors and Ultra Glow pigments lasting up to 15 minutes and no fish can resist to bite.


  • Passes ACT Criteria: Action, Color & Taste
  • Easy-to-rig egg sack and long tapering appendages
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Ultra Glow models glow for up to 15 minutes
  • Works year ‘round


Model Number Length Pieces
TXMW1 1" 14
TXMW15 1-1/2" 12
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