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Savage Gear - 4D Line-Thru Yellow Perch

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Savage Gear - 4D Line-Thru Yellow Perch
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Target the biggest, meanest predators in freshwater with the Savage Gear 4D Line-Thru Yellow Perch. This innovative lure does everything right: the detailed 4D Photo Chrome skin print is spot on; it emits a strike-triggering proprietary DNA-powered scent; the multi-jointed profile delivers an irresistible, incredibly lifelike S-curve swim; and the line-thru design with Carbon 49 wire trace and red Y-Treble hook ensures amazing action, durability, and holding power. With its large nose channel, the line-thru system can be easily changed out as needed; built-in gat slot allows you to add rattles. Includes a weight spike. A superb choice for muskies, pike, and monster bass!

  • Deadly on muskies, pike, monster bass
  • Detailed 4D Photo Chrome skin print finish
  • Proprietary DNA-powered scent
  • Multi-jointed S-curve swimming action
  • Line-thru design for durability and holding power
  • Carbon 49 wire trace with red Y-Treble hook
  • Built-in gat slot for adding rattles
  • Includes a weight spike

Choose 6.75" or 9" Length

Choose 2 1/4oz or 5oz Weight

1 per package

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Savage Gear - 4D Line-Thru Yellow Perch
$18.99 - $24.99

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