Pro-Troll Black Box Electronic Fish Attractor

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A Pro-Troll Black Box is an electronic attractor device used with a downrigger to place a very small electric charge on the downrigger cable.

Many species of fish are attracted to this charge. Salmon, trout, kokanee and lake trout are some of these species. Others include halibut, sturgeon, sharks and many others. The latest computer chip technology has allowed construction of a Black Box that has superior operating features but is substantially lower in cost than any unit on the market.
The Pro-Troll Black Box Performance & Specifications

The new Pro-Troll Black Box is the newest state of the art Black Box on the market. It has more sensitivity and more features than any sport fishing Black Box ever produced. The latest computer chip technology has allowed most of the functions to be built into the chip thereby improving performance and substantially lowering cost.


  • 3 1/4" X 4 1/4" molded case with O ring seals
  • Self contained 9 volt battery in a snap in compartment on the back
  • Plug and socket for 12 volt boat power
  • Large LCD voltage readout screen 5/8" X 1 3/4"
  • Dial on and off and voltage setting switch
  • Voltage range .001 volts to 1.000 volts
  • Pocket type mounting case with adjustable viewing angle
  • Mounting case can mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Black Box can be removed for storage
  • Voltage accuracy +- 1% at temperature range of 0 C to 65 C
  • Wire leads are #14 stranded copper with white cover
  • Two curled contact sleeves are stainless steel
  • Accessories available - extra contact sleeves for additional downriggers
  • Warranty - One year from purchase

Package Contents:

  • Black box unit
  • Wire harness kit for two downriggers
  • Two downrigger contact sleeves
  • Complete instruction book

Operating Characteristics:

  • Runs on either 12 volt boat power or self contained 9 volt battery
  • One Black Box powers up to six downriggers
  • Switch able from applied to natural voltage at any time to check boat condition and wire contacts


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Pro-Troll Black Box Electronic Fish Attractor
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