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Nils 6" Hand Auger SHORT

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Nils  6" Hand Auger SHORT
Nils  6" Hand Auger SHORT
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Nils  6" Hand Auger SHORT
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Nils USA Hand Augers feature a one-piece cutting head instead of individual blades. This design offers a stronger overall cutting surface. The cutting head is constructed of high chromium steel, which is more durable than other brands of auger blades and will stay sharper longer. The curved blades quickly cut through the thickest ice with little to no downward pressure applied. Nils USA Hand Augers have cushion grip handles for cutting comfort. The offset handle design brings the drilling hand out, farther away from the centerline of the auger, increasing the torque going directly to the cutting head. This makes drilling holes much easier than with similar-sized augers. The folding handle design makes transportation and storage a breeze.

 This is the SHORT model hand auger. The shaft length is 37" not including the handle or the cutting head. 

All models come with a plastic cutting headcover to protect the blades from damage and to protect users from the blades. Nils USA Hand Augers are power-coated blue with red cutting heads. The auger assembly/cutting head section of these hand augers can be used in conjunction with the Nils USA power auger powerheads.


  • One-piece cutting head
  • Constructed of high chromium steel
  • Cushion grip handles
  • Offset handle design
  • Folding handle for easy transport
  • Can be used with the Nils USA power auger powerheads
  • Includes:
    • Plastic cutting headcover

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Nils 6" Hand Auger SHORT

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