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Minn Kota Trolling Motor Part - Saltwater 24/36 Volt Control Board & Head Unit Assembly Upgrade Kit

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Fits all 24 and 36 volt saltwater Minn Kota models from 1991 - 2008.  This kit allows you to upgrade from the control board that uses the white ribbon tape running from the control board to the potentiometer to the same control board being used in brand new Minn Kota motors that use the 3 wire potentiometer.

This kit will also be used on Minn Kota motors that use the control box that has been discontinued and will provide all of the necessary parts to upgrade the head unit assembly.

***A cover decal will NOT be provided with this kit. Please look up you individual motor to find the decal that covers the top holes.

 Quantity Part Number (Old Part Numbers) Part Description
1 2774037 24/36v Control Board Assembly
1 2060299 (2060296) Control Box Cover FW
1 2882538 Control Box/Collar Kit Assembly
1 2990468 Handle Assembly VS
1 2062715 Handle Detent Spring
1 2062905 Strain Relief
2 2043427 Screw
2 2303434 Screw
6 2303412 Screw
1 2061700 Potentiometer Washer




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