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Maxxon Ready To Go Fly Line PLUS - 5WT

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At Maxxon Outfitters, we believe in the importance of helping newcomers understand the basics of the essential gear needed. So, besides building all-in-one, quality combo outfits, we wanted to make reloading spools an easy all-in-one process as well.

Ready-To-Go Fly Line PLUS is a handy fly line combo pack containing all three of the lines needed to fill a spool. Each pack contains a high-floating, weight-forward fly line, a spool of high-vis backing sized in either 20 lb or 30 lb, plus a 9-foot, clear-tapered leader in corresponding "X" size in proportion to the common sizes of flies thrown at that weight.

These quick, grab-and-go fly line combo packs outfit your spool with all the necessary lengths of line to fit the most common fly fishing applications. Simple and to-the-point, Ready-To-Go Fly Line PLUS is the perfect addition to any spare spool. Available in eight different fly line sizes: 3 weight - 10 weight.

Fly Line Taper Profile:

3WT & 4WT Sizes-

6in Tip | 6.5ft Front Taper | 10ft Body | 13ft Rear Taper | 70ft Running Line = 100 OAL


5WT - 10WT Sizes 

6in Tip | 6.5ft Front Taper | 20ft Body | 13ft Rear Taper | 60ft Running Line = 100 OAL



• High-Floating Weight Forward Line

• High-Visibility Color 

• Low Coil Memory

• Classic Weight-Forward Taper Profile

• True Grain Weight Calculated Using AFTMA Standards 

• Rated for Cold to Moderately Warm Water Temperatures

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