Jaw Jacker Ice Rod 35″ MH Spinning Pike/Lake Trout

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This rod is definitely a heavy hitter for big fish like pike and lake trout. It works great for setting large hooks in deep water for lake trout, burbott, and big walleye with the JawJacker. This rod has enough backbone to set a 1 oz. jig in 90 feet of water with the JawJacker and to fight a 30-40 lb. fish through the ice. When using this rod with the JawJacker It's recommend using at least 12 lb test line to be safe since it will break 8 lb test line on the hook set. It’s hard to find a good ice rod at a decent price for big fish whether your using it with the JawJacker or Jigging. The 35″ spinning XXH Pike/Lake trout rod provides all of this at an affordable price.

  • Weight: .25 LBS
  • Dimensions: .1 × .1 × .1 inches


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