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Jackall Yammy Fish

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The Jackall Yammy Fish is a soft stick bait made from high-density plastic, eliminating the need of a weight or sinker in long casts. As an angler, you can maximize the chance of turning every single cast into a successful catch by using the Yammy Fish. The design of this lure features ridges and an imprinted fish head to deceive your prey into believing that they're about to bite the real thing. This bait is ideal for finesse jigs and can be used for catching the most difficult of fish with ease. While this fishing bait is targeted at expert fisherman who can maximize the benefits of this product, it's also suitable for new anglers.

  • Design intended to imitate live baitfish
  • Made from high-density plastic, eliminating the need for a sinker on long casts
  • Ideal for finesse jigs
  • Qty. per Pack: 7
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