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Jackall I-Shad

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The Jackall I-Shad, a secret for years, has been brought to the States from Japan. Designed to swim like an unthreatened baitfish, the I-Shad tricks bass into thinking it's easy prey encouraging it to strike. The I-Shad presents a split tail design that makes small vibrations for attraction with a bulge at the end of the tail for stability in the water.


The I-Shad will do all of the work for you, just sit back and watch the fish come to you. Injected with two different salt compositions, less salt on the top with more on the bottom makes the bottom heavier for a swimming action that is more stable. Team it up with the Jackall Nose Jig Head that is made for use with the Jackall I-Shad as part of the I-Motion technique.


  • Salt injected
  • Part of the I-Motion technique
  • 2.8 or 3.8 inch
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