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Fish Allure Scented Bait Tape Attractant - Shad

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  • Fish Allure Scented Bait Tape Attractant - Shad
  • Fish Allure Scented Bait Tape Attractant - Shad



Now available in a range of bite-inducing flavors, the Fish Allure Scented Bait Tape Attractant is a revolutionary scent strip you can easily apply to any hard bait. Simply Peel - Stick - Fish. The scientifically proven scent technology compliments any bait’s color and action causing more fish - and bigger fish – to strike.

Fish Allure developed the proprietary polymeric film in a lab that when applied to hard baits does two revolutionary things. One, it holds and releases enough of the right scent to rise above a fish’s scent threshold, causing the fish to strike. And two, it time-releases this scent, providing you with 60 minutes of in-the-water performance.

We’ve all seen big fish approach a lure only to turn away at the last second because something wasn’t right. Action was good, but something didn’t smell right. With Fish Allure Scented Bait Tape Attractant, now it smells right. The proven result? You catch bigger fish. Fish Allure - Brings Lures to Life.

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